Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D.


Research and Development Meteorologist, Hydrometeorologist, and Atmospheric Scientist,

including Evapotranspiration Projections and Highly Affordable Multi-Sensor Instrument Packages

Forensic  Meteorologist.  Managing Expert  Witness for Depositions and Court Trial Testimony

on Rain, Wind, Sun Glare, Twilight, Black Ice, Dew, Dense Fog, Dust, Smoke, Hail, Lightning, Snow, and Flash Floods

Author of a Variety of Scientific Publications, and Composer of many Symphonic Compositions

Pioneer  in  the  Relationship of  El Niño  and  La Niña  to  North American Weather


Founder, President / CEO,  and  General  Manager  of  Environmental  Science  &  Energy, Inc.

Facilitator of Evapotranspiration Services and Geohydrometeorological Instrument Packages


Founder, Principal  Scientist, &  Managing  Expert  Witness, Associated  Science  Experts, LLC

Founding  Partner and  Consulting  Senior  Expert  Witness, American  Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC


Founder, General Manager,  and  Principal Scientist  of  Publications  by  Charles B. Pyke,  LLC

Author, Meteorological and Other Scientific Publications, and  Composer of Symphonic Music




Contact Information  (if no immediate answer, allow at least 5-6 rings, as every call rolls over to Dr. Pyke's cell phone on ring number 3 or 4): 

435-755-7651  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board and General Manager.

888-786-7696  Expert Witness Line of Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Associated Science Experts, LLC, and American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC.

435-755-3220  Publications by Charles B. Pyke, LLC:  Scientific Research Papers and Symphonic Compositions.  

e-mail, FAX, and mailing address:   Call (888) 786-7696 to obtain FAX number, e-mail address, and mailing address.










Selected Scientific Fields of Specialization by Dr. Pyke.  Specific Topics (Keywords):

Please select one or more topics of interest, and telephone  (888) 786-7696

Arizona Haboob Expert Witness.  Arizona Monsoon Expert Witness.  Arizona Precipitation Expert Witness.  Arizona Rainfall Expert Witness.  Arizona Thunderstorm Expert Witness.  Arizona Weather Expert Witness.  Black Ice Expert Witness.  Blowing Dust Expert Witness.  California Climate Expert Witness  California Meteorology Expert Witness.  California Precipitation Expert Witness.  California Rainfall Expert Witness.  California Weather Expert Witness.  California Wind Expert Witness.  Certified Weather Data.  Civil Twilight Expert Witness.  Climatic Data.  Climate Change Expert Witness.  Climate Change Research.  Climatology Expert Witness.  Dense Fog Expert Witness.  Dew on Grass Expert Witness.  Drought Expert Witness.  Dust Devil Expert Witness.  Dust Storm Expert Witness.  El Niño Expert Witness.  Environmental Data.  Evapotranspiration Monitoring.  Evapotranspiration Projection.  Expert Data Analysis.  Expert Witness Climatologist.  Expert Witness Meteorologist.  Expert Witness Weather Testimony.  Extreme Rainfall Expert Witness.  Extreme Temperature Expert Witness.  Flash Flood Expert Witness.  Flood Warning Systems.  Forensic Climatologist.  Forensic Meteorologist.   Forensic Weather Expert Witness.  Hail Expert Witness.  Heat Index Expert Witness.  Heat Island Expert Witness.  Humidity Expert Witness.  Hurricane Expert Witness.  La Niña Expert Witness.  Meteorological Data.  Meteorology Expert Witness.  Microburst Expert Witness.  Moonrise Expert Witness.  Moonset Expert Witness.  Moon Phase Expert Witness.  Multi-Sensor Environmental Instrumentation.  Nevada Precipitation Expert Witness.  Nevada Rainfall Expert Witness.  Nevada Thunderstorm Expert Witness.  Nevada Weather Expert Witness.  Ocean Surface Temperature Expert Witness.  Ocean Water Desalination.  Pacific Decadal Oscillation Expert Witness.  Precipitation Expert Witness.  Precipitation Frequency Analysis.  Rainfall Expert Witness.  Rainfall Frequency Analysis.  Sea Surface Temperature Expert Witness.  Seawater Desalination.  Snowfall Expert Witness.  Storm Surge Expert Witness.  Sun Glare Expert Witness.  Sunrise Expert Witness.  Sunset Expert Witness.  Temperature Expert Witness.  Thunderstorm Expert Witness.  Tornado Expert Witness.  Twilight Expert Witness.  Utah Precipitation Expert Witness.  Utah Rainfall Expert Witness.  Utah Snowfall Expert Witness.  Utah Weather Expert Witness.  Visibility Expert Witness.  Water Resources Management.  Weather Data.  Weather Expert Witness.  Wind Expert Witness.   











Detailed Résumé (C.V.) of Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D.

Note:  All specialties are currently active.

All professional experience items are listed in reverse chronological order.

For a comprehensive résumé of Dr. Pyke, Meteorologist, go to

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Forensic Discovery and Expert Witness Testimony  for litigation and criminal cases.   Convincing testimony -- never intimidated by the opposing side.

Dr. Pyke and his forensic colleagues, especially Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., are top experts in, among other items:

Rain, wind, sun glare, drifting pesticides, black ice, blowing dust, dust devils, mudslides, fog, hail, lightning, drought, and extreme temperatures -- contributing to: slip and fall, vehicle accidents, wrongful death, structural damage, and / or agricultural (crop / livestock) losses. Timothy Wright is a foremost modeling expert and graphical presentation expert for black ice, drifting pesticides, weather radar animation, and all meteorological data.  Dr. Pyke and Mr. Wright often work together as an Expert Witness Team in helping attorneys win their litigation cases.  

Evapotranspiration Monitoring and Projections, and  Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlooks.

Corporate Executive Management.  President / CEO, Principal Scientist, and Primary Expert Witness, Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.

Multi-sensor environmental instrument packages for agriculture and other uses.  Evapotranspiration projections.  Seawater desalination.  Other environmental services.

Publication of Meteorological, Environmental, and Other Scientific Studies, including the serious air and water quality problems in India and China.







SUMMARY of PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Meteorology, Environmental Sciences, Education, Research Publications, Military:




Current and Recent:

Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., 2015-present.  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., President / CEO, and  General Manager.

American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC, 2004-present.  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Consulting Meteorologist and Hydrometeorologist.  

Associated Science Experts, LLC, 1989-present.  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Administrator, Forensic Meteorologist, Climatologist, and Hydrometeorologist. 

Continental Weather & Earth Sciences, Inc., 1989-2004.  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Meteorologist, Climatologist, and Hydrometeorologist,  

Prior to 1990:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, Engineering Division.  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Flood Control Meteorologist (civilian).

U.S. Air Force:  Air Weather Service and  Air National Guard.  Captain Charles B. Pyke, Chief Forecaster and Pilot Briefing Officer, Chief Observer.

University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Meteorology.*  Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D.,  Research Meteorologist,  Lab Instructor, Teaching Assistant.

* now the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

California State University, Northridge,*  Department of Geography.  Professor Charles B. Pyke, Meteorology and Climatology.

* formerly known as San Fernando Valley State College.





DETAILS of PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Corporate, Company, Association, Government, Military, University:


Professional Experience, corporations, companies, and associations -- Meteorology, Climatology, and Environmental Science: 

Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.  2015 -.  CURRENTLY ACTIVE CORPORATION.    

Founding Partner, Chairman of the Board, General Manager, and Research & Development Hydrometeorologist.

Providing and offering many latest-technology products and services (scroll down to bottom major section on this page).

For more details about the services offered and provided by Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., go to our environmental page.  Tel. (435) 755-3220.

Publications by Charles B. Pyke, LLC  (plus predecessor company names) 2016 - .   CURRENTLY ACTIVE COMPANY.

Founder, Owner, Principal Scientist, Research Meteorologist, Environmental Scientist, Author, and Composer. 

[Items that involve publications are listed in the individual sections below.  Others are listed in Additional Publications below, and in Education and Academic Publications below.]

Numerous published U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Air Force manuals, research & development papers, studies, and reports. 

Professor-reviewed academic research and studies, published by UCLA, two of which also became peer-reviewed journal publications. 

Symphonic compositions, hymns, carols, and songs.  Currently (2018) launching publication of numerous musical compositions.

Offering other publications of various types.  For more details, go to

American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC (plus predecessor company names) 2004 - .   CURRENTLY ACTIVE COMPANY.

Founder, Principal Scientist, Forensic Meteorologist, Primary Expert Witness, Consulting Weather Forecaster, and Multi-Seasonal Weather Outlook Specialist.

Court-qualified Expert Witness:  Hundreds of cases of forensic meteorology discovery and expert witness testimony, with dozens of depositions and court trials.

Thousands of specialized weather forecasts and seasonal / multi-seasonal outlooks for film production companies, media events, construction, roofing, and other applications.

Offering special weather forecasts and outlooks to insurance companies and to major environmental and construction mega-projects.

Associated Science Experts, LLC  1998- .  CURRENTLY  ACTIVE  COMPANY.

Founder, Owner, Member, General Manager, Principal Scientist, Forensic Meteorologist, and Primary Expert Witness. 

Administration of forensic discovery and expert witness testimony in meteorology, hydrometeorology, and hydrologic engineering.  

Administration of meteorological, climatological, hydrometeorological, and hydrologic engineering research, studies, and publications.

For further details, go to

The Hydrometeorology Associates,  2004-2011

Founding Member, Meteorologist, Hydrometeorologist, and Hydroclimatologist.

Probable Maximum Precipitation and Flood.  100-year Flood.  Frequency analysis of rainfall and floods.  Safety of dams, flood control, and flood warning.

El Niño and La Niña monitoring and predictions.  Climate change studies.   Drought determinations.

Continental Weather & Earth Sciences, Inc. (plus predecessor corporate names 1989-2004. 

Founder, President / CEO, Chairman of the Board,